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Loreto Library: ClickView Videos

ClickView - Video Library

ClickView link

Extensive video library accessible remotely

Do you need help with ClickView?

Please contact Donna in the Library for ClickView support: 

  • identifying videos to support the curriculum
  • capturing recordings of TV programs
  • adding videos to the Loreto Library from the Exchange
  • creating interactive videos for your students
  • creating playlists of videos
  • creating video clips as focus points
  • creating and uploading in-house videos (e.g. lessons for remote learning)
  • embedding videos into Google Classroom or MS Teams

ClickView - Information for Teachers

The ClickView Training Channel has a wealth of information to help teachers search for curated, curriculum aligned content and ready-to-go teaching resources or TV programs, share found content with students through adding it to the school library or a playlist, create interactives for existing videos, and even create and share your own content. 

Featured Channels is a subset of The Exchange. It's a place for teachers who are creating their own content to share their videos with other teachers to use. Channels cover different subject areas and different levels of study, with some teachers contributing over 100 videos. Sometimes, it might just take someone else to explain a concept in a slightly different way for a student to make the connection, you can mix things up to engage your students in another way, or you may just want to save your voice! 

ClickView - Information for Teachers - Remote Teaching Part 1

ClickVIew - Information for Students

Your teachers may direct you to watch specific videos in their lessons, however you can also use ClickView at any time to find your own content - to delve deeper into a topic that interests you or maybe just to watch a movie!

ClickView - Information for Teachers - Remote Teaching Part 2