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Loreto Library: Classics Collection

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Science Fiction

Before ‘Dystopian’ was a genre, these authors were considering how the world might look in the future; what technologies we would have, how we would behave, what we might discover...

Australian Classics

Stories set in Australia, written by Australian authors.

Engaging short film on the life and work of C.J. Dennis (8 min.):

Novels in eBook Format

The Library also has novels in ebook and audiobook formats

Have a chat to Library staff if you are interested in listening to an audiobook or reading on a digital device. Some alternative format titles can be found in the Library catalogue, but often it is best to browse Wheelers ePlatform directly.  Library staff can point you in the right direction, depending upon what you're looking for. 

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The Classics Collection

Classic stories are those that have been generally agreed on that they meet common high standards for quality, longevity, influence and appeal.

Gothic Fiction

Also associated with Romantic literature and the Horror genre. With its mysterious heroes, innocent maidens and dark locations, Gothic Fiction likes to send a chill up a reader’s spine, and make them feel strong emotions.

Vincent: a short film by Tim Burton inspired by the tales of Edgar Allan Poe (7 mins).

Myth and Magic

Mythology, folklore, fairy stories and legends that continue to inspire modern story-writing.


Stories of adventures into the unknown.

Social Stories

The classics that immerse you in another time period, exploring the customs, traditions, joys and hardships that people experienced. Most of these stories have been adapted as films. 

Movie trailer: 

Crime and Mystery

The ‘King and Queen’ of classical crime stories: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dame Agatha Christie. Find stories of the famous sleuths – Sherlock Holmes, Hercules Poirot and Miss Marple – in the Suspense genre.

Image of Author and Character

Image of Author and her main book characters

Web Series Adaptations