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Loreto Library: Book Club

Montage of Loreto student images with the words Book Club

Book Club meets every Thursday lunch time in the Library Reading Lounge to celebrate all things books! Rather than have a set book that everyone reads, Book Club is an opportunity for readers of all types to meet and talk about the books they love, make recommendations to each other, and enjoy games, craft and other activities inspired by these books.

Bookish Polymer Clay

This activity was run by one of our super talented students!

Halloween Storybook Lanterns


Our favourite book guessing game!


Percy Jackson Camp Half-Blood Beads

Harry Potter Wands & Hogwarts Letters with Wax Seals

Shadow Hunter Witchlights

Hot Chocolate and Book Chats

For more information or to suggest an activity idea, please email Mrs Lane at

Book Club's Recommended Summer Reads

Create Our Own Library Displays