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Performing Arts - Production Role Resources: Sound Design

Loreto College Sound Design Resources

Sound Design Resources

Sound Libraries

Below is a selection of internet sound libraries. Always respect the creators behind the sounds by making sure that you read any licence conditions and/or attribution requirements as you download and use the sounds. 

Sound Production for the Theatre - Instructional Playlist

Working in Sound Design

Arts Centre Melbourne 2013. Meet a sound designer. Online video, 15 January 2013. Duration: 5 mins. 

Sound Design v Sound Engineering

ARK-AV 2019. Difference between sound engineer vs sound designer. Online video, 30 May 2019. Duration: 6 min. 

The Beautiful Lies of Sound Design - TED TAlk

Fratzalos T, 2016. The beautiful lies of sound design. Online video 22 March 2016. Duration: 17 mins. 

Example - WALL E Animation Sound Design

WALL E animation sound design part 1 and part 2 2009. Online videos, 30 October 2009. Duration: 18 min.