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Performing Arts - Production Role Resources: Costumes & Makeup

Theatre Makeup

American Theatre Wing 2013. In the Wings: Angelina Avallone Make Up Designer. Online video, 30 October 2013. Duration: 7 minutes.

Provides a very good overview of a makeup designers role - the researcher they undertake to create a design, and how they collaborate with the actors and other theatre roles. 

American Theatre Wing 2016. Working in the theatre: Makeup. Online video, 4 August 2016. Duration: 20 min.

Documentary of two Broadway make-up artists who discuss their makeup career, how they make up is used to develop a character, and how makeup is maintained during a performance - particularly when a character requires multiple makeup changes. 

Playbill 2018. Watch this Broadway makeup designer recreate the faces of 6 iconic characters. Online video, 3 October 2018. Duration: 14 min.

The characters are probably not that iconic as the title suggests, but they can serve as a tutorial on how to achieve a number of different makeup looks, with valuable professional tips and techniques. 

Loreto College Make-up and Costume Resources

Books from the Library - Make-up

Costume design - teacher resources


Working in Costume and Wardrobe

Center Theatre Group 2016. Working in theatre: costume designer. Online video, 3 November 2016. Duration: 3 mins. 

A day in the life of a costume designer - what they do and the skills they need. 

American Theatre Wing 2018. Working in the theatre: wardrobe. Online video, 25 October 2018. Duration: 28 min. 

A fascinating look at the behind the scenes roles and activities involved in ensuring the flawless presentation of characters night after night. 

American Theatre Wing 2014. Classic clips: "Mary Poppins" costume quick change. Online video, 20 March 2014. Duration: 2 mins. 

Books from the Library - Costume

The Library has many costume and fashion sourcebooks for different decades, eras and centuries to help you define the "look" for a play's time setting. If you are browsing the non-fiction shelves for inspiration, outside the staging theatre area (792) have a look at the following call numbers:

391 - Costume & accessories for different time periods, groups of people, occasions  

746.9 - Fashion design

646 - Construction of clothing and accessories