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Performing Arts - Production Role Resources: Acting


Spotlight 2017. How to self-tape at home, Online video, 3 March 2017. Duration: 10 min. See the How to self-tape article on the Spotlight website.

Note that these resources focus on using a video camera for recording. For using a smartphone, see Spotlight's podcast:

Acting Resource Websites

Books from the Library - examples

Loreto College Acting Resources


Neuro Acting 2016. Mastering the monologue. Online video, 29 October 2016. Duration: 6 min.

Tips on choosing, preparing, learning and rehearsing a monologue. 

As well as these online resources, the Loreto Library has books of monologues, as well as many plays that can be browsed for monologues. 

Accent and Dialect Resources

Stanislavski Acting Methodology

MercantorInfogr 2015. Stanislavsky acting methodology. Online video, 28 September 2015. Duration: 5 min. 

How to De-Role - It's Important!


Farlow, C 2015. Rules for improvisation. Online video, 18 December 2015. Duration: 5 min.

Ten rules for improvisation to create scenes that are engaging and satisfying for participants and audience alike.