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Performing Arts - Production Role Resources: Lighting Design

Stage Lighting Poster Set (free downloads)

Stage Lighting Resources

Loreto College Lighting Resources

Interactive Resource - Light Labs

Kitzer, M 2020. The lighting design process. Online video, 30 March 2020. Duration: 11 mins. 

Stage Lighting - ArtLinks slideshow

Working in Theatre Lighting

American Theatre Wing 2016. Working in the theatre: lighting design. Online video, 8 December 2016. Duration: 24 mins. 

Greenberg, J 2018. Science and magic: illuminating the stage with lighting design. Online video, 28 August 2018. Duration: 10 min. 

A great talk about how lighting design is used to shape the audience's experience in telling a story (unfortunately, some better sound design should have been used in the recording!).