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Year 7: Ancient China: Xia & Shang Dynasty

Collage of Ancient China motifs

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The Ducksters website is an educational site especially for kids and is a great source of introductory information for a topic. You can also opt to have the page read aloud to you, and do a quick quiz to check your understanding. 

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Bronze axe of the Shang Dynasty

Bronze weapons, such as this axe head,

were an integral part of Shang society

Links to Example Library Articles

Oracle Bones, Shang Dynasty

Smarthistory 2016. Oracle bone, Shang Dynasty. Online video, 9 October 2016. Duration: 4 mins.

What were the oracle bones and how were they used to help divine the future? What do they tell us about civilisation at the time? What do they tell us about the development of writing?

Bronze Casting, Shang Dynasty

HarvardX 2017. How Ancient Chinese bronzes were created. Online video, 20 April 2017. Duration: 3 mins. 

China's First Dynasty

The SocialStudiesGuy 2017. China's first dynasty. Online video, 29 April 2017. Duration: 6 mins.