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Year 7: Ancient China: Introduction

Collage of Ancient China motifs

Time Compass: Ancient China, Parts I & II. ClickView (10 min each). 

Searching for information in Gale eBooks and Gale World History

The Library has access to many Gale eBooks. You can either search across all of them at once or browse/search the most relevant ones highlighted below. Some documents from the eBooks have been included in the resources section for different topics. 

Access tip! If you are prompted to log in to Gale eBooks, select the Sign in with Microsoft Office prompt and select your Loreto email address. You will then pass through to the eBook/document. 

Searching for information with Britannica School

The China's History article (left) comes from the Library's resource Britannica School. 

Search Britannica School for information on your selected topic by following the link below. 

Reading tip! For any given entry you find, you can change the Article Reading Level at the top of the entry. Use this feature to suit your level of understanding, interest or need for more or less detail on your topic. You may decide to start with Level 1 for each entry to gain an overview and then select another level if you need more detail. 

Searching tip! You will need to do more than one search to find enough information on your topic. For example, you might:

  • Search for initially for the history of China or your chosen dynasty and find a good overview
  • Familiarise yourself with the main ideas and take note of keywords and ideas
  • Perform extra searches on these keywords to find more specific or related information, for example, on Oracle bones, Bronze technology, Chinese silk, weights and measures or specific emperors.
  • Follow the links in the entries of relevant items to find further information

This kind of strategy will help you build up a good list of resources to use and help you make connections between sub-topics and ideas. 

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Books in the Library on Ancient China

The Library has quite a number of books on Ancient China, so only a sample have been listed below.

If you want to browse the shelves, you'll find most items at: Non Fiction 931