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Year 7: Ancient China: Qin Dynasty

Collage of Ancient China motifs

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The Ducksters website is an educational site especially for kids and is a great source of introductory information for a topic. You can also opt to have the page read aloud to you, and do a quick quiz to check your understanding. 

Web Links

Terracotta army

Part of the terracotta army

The Incredible History of China's Terracotta Warriors - TED-Ed

TED-Ed 2015. The incredible history of China's terracotta warriors. Online video, 30 June 2015. Duration: 5 mins. 

The Qin Dynasty - The Age of Unification

The Qin Dynasty - The Age of Unification. 2012. Online video, 18 September 2012. Duration: 3 mins. 

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