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Year 10 Politics: Arab Spring Video Resources

Arab Spring Heading

Suicide that sparked a revolution (Al Jazeera English)

Suicide that sparked a revolution. (3 mins). 

News segment a month after the self-immolation of a young man, Mohamed Bouazizi, which led to the protests culminating in ending the Tunisian president’s 23 year rule.

The Arab Spring - from the Rise Up series

The Arab Spring. (45 min).

By lighting himself on fire in protest, one vendor in Tunisia launched the Arab Spring - that toppled authoritarian governments across the Middle East.

The Arab Awakening series (Al Jazeera English)

The Arab Awakening is a series documenting the protests and revolution of the Arab Spring. 

Two episodes are included below, however you can link to the full playlist here

Seeds of a Revolution. (47 mins).

Follows the activists who led the revolution and the events as they unfolded.


Libya through the fire. (48 mins).

Through the eyes of a Libyan-born filmmaker come the dark stories emerging from a country fast unravelling into civil war.

Gaddafi: The end game - state of denial (Al Jazeera English)

Gadaffi: The End Game - State of Denial. (47 mins).

"Story of the fall of the Gaddafi regime as told by the insiders, defectors and military advisors who helped bring it about."

The Arab Spring - Overview

The Arab Spring. (10 mins).

An overview of the causes, motivation, chronology and the role of social networks in the Middle East uprisings. 

Here's how the Arab Spring started (History Channel)

Here's how the Arab Spring started and how it affected the world. (4 mins). 

"Learn how The Arab Spring started in Tunisia in 2011, causing a ripple effect of democratic demonstrations in countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Discover how the use of technology helped spur on revolution, both good and bad."

Egypt's revolution (Al Jazeera English)

Egypt's revolution (5 mins). 

A summary of the 18 days that lead to the ousting of the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak (5 mins).

The boy who started the Syrian war (Al Jazeera English)

The Boy Who Started the Syrian War. (47 mins).

"Story of Mouawiya Syasneh, the boy whose anti-Assad graffiti lit the spark that engulfed Syria." 

How facebook changed the world: the Arab Spring (BBC)

How Facebook Changed the World: Arab Spring. Part 1. (15 mins). 

How Facebook Changed the World: Arab Spring. Part 2. (15 mins). 

How Facebook Changed the World: Arab Spring. Part 3. (15 mins). 

How Facebook Changed the World: Arab Spring. Part 4. (13 mins). 

Bahrain: Shouting in the dark (Al Jazeera)

Bahrain: shouting in the dark. (51 mins). 

"This is the Arab revolution that was abandoned by the Arabs, forsaken by the West and forgotten by the world."