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Collection Guide: Suspense

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The Suspense Collection

Included in our Suspense genre are detective, mystery, thriller, crime, psychological and spy stories. The stories tend to be plot driven and invoke feelings of uncertainty and often involve danger and high drama.

Edge-of-your-seat thrillers - Various authors

Stories of murder, survival and deception in these intense and addictive reads. 

Lady detective mystery series

Check out the first titles in each of these enjoyable historical mystery series with young, spirited amateur detectives. 

Spies Series

Trailer for the Alex Rider TV series based on Anthony Horowitz's book series of the same name:

Karen McManus thrillers

A writer of page-turning and twisty YA thrillers, Karen McManus is one of the Library's most popular authors. If you are on the wait list for her One of Us is Lying trilogy books, try one of her stand-alone novels. 

Author Lili Wilkinson

Find more of Lili Wilkinson's books in other genres:

Kathryn Foxfield thrillers

In her own words, Kathryn Foxfield writes "dark books about strange things." The scenarios in these books separate them out from others in the thriller genre, think blackmail, murder and fierce competition in AI locked room environments, amusement parks or reality TV. 

His Name was Walter by Emily Rodda

Equal parts suspense, fantasy, adventure and historical fiction, His Name Was Walter is an intriguing story-within-a-story, which makes for an unusual but intriguing read. 

The Inheritance Games series - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Read these best-selling books before the streaming series is released! A contemporary, rags-to-riches story of a mystery inheritance, laced with puzzles and ciphers to solve, and romantic intrigue with witty dialogue.  

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Novels in eBook Format

The Library also has novels in ebook and audiobook formats

Have a chat to Library staff if you are interested in listening to an audiobook or reading on a digital device. Some alternative format titles can be found in the Library catalogue, but often it is best to browse Wheelers ePlatform directly.  Library staff can point you in the right direction, depending upon what you're looking for. 

New to eBooks? Check out our eBook support page