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Collection Guide: Sport

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Dance Academy series

The individual yet interconnected stories of a group of students at a prestigious Australian Dance Academy. It’s also an ABC/Netflix television series (Series One trailer below).

More Dance Stories

Jake Maddox (Author) - short novels

Quick reads about a variety of characters and sports. 

The Sport Fiction Collection

Novels in this genre usually revolve around a particular sport and a character’s interaction in that sporting field. Dance stories are included in this genre.

Gracie Faltrain series - Soccer

Goal-kicking, super-girl, soccer star. Gracie Faltrain is on her way. To the National Championships. To Nick. To everything she's ever wanted. Or so she thinks. Gracie's about to find out that life is messy. And hard. And beautiful. A series about soccer … and the life that revolves around soccer.

Counterattack series - Soccer

More Soccer Stories

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Surfing Stories

Academy of Sport for Girls series

Being accepted into the Royal Academy of Sport for Girls is just the first hurdle: surviving and achieving your dreams is the biggest challenge. Four novels, each about a different girl and her dream sport. 

AFL Stories & Biographies

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You may also be interested in the following biographies of AFLW stars.

Netball Stories

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Novels in eBook Format

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To check whether a novel is available as an eBook, search for it on the Library catalogue. All formats - print, eBook and audio - automatically display. If available, follow the link for access. 

You can also search ePlatform directly - if unavailable, you can browse to see what else might interest you. 

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