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Year 8: Church History: Council of Nicaea

Photo of stained glass window with text Year 8 Church History

First Council of Nicaea (325)

Held in 325, the First Council of Nicaea was the earliest worldwide ("ecumenical") council for the Christian Church. It was called by Emperor Constantine to achieve unity, in part by responding to the growing controversy of Arianism. It was held in Nicaea, Asia Minor (now ─░znik, Turkey). 

Articles from Britannica School (Loreto resource)

More books from the Library can be found via the History of Christianity reading list.

Council of Nicaea

Constantine and Christianity

Roman Emperor Constantine I (Constantine The Great)

Constantine - 306-337AD. ClickView video, 50min.

Constantine changed the course of world history by making Christianity the official state religion of Rome. He ruled for more than 30 years during which he ended the persecution of Christians and built countless churches.