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VCE History Units 3 & 4: Revolutions: Websites - American Revolution

A resource guide to support VCE History Units 3 and 4: Revolutions

Trumbull, J circa 1815, The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker's Hill, 17 June 1775, Painting, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

The American Revolution - Yale University Open Course

Timelines and Flowcharts

The Road to Revolution Game - PBS

The American Revolution – Alpha History

A representation of the Boston Tea Party

Seeds of Rebellion and the American Revolution - Mr Lassiter's History Page

The Colonial Experience -

Road to Revolution (1754-1800) - Khan Academy

James Madison - Father of the Constitution

James Madison portrait

America's Founding Documents - US National Archives

Constitution of the United States

Founders Online

John Adams

American Revolution Figures -

George III

King George III

The Coming of the American Revolution: 1764 to 1776 - Massachusetts Historical Society

Boston Massacre - History Channel

Boston Tea Party - Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Revolutionary Experiences and Change -

Explore the sub-topics in these chapters for discussions about how the creation of a nation brought around many revolutions from multiple perspectives - for women, slaves, Native Americans, Loyalists and other groups. 

The American Revolution - Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

American Revolution - British Library

Tax stamps

Tax stamps issued as a result of the 1765 Stamp Act passed by the British Government to extract taxation from its American colonies. 

The American War of Independence: The Rebels and the Redcoats - BBC

Mercantilism Definition - Investopedia

American Revolution - Awesome Stories

Join or Die Political Cartoon

Political cartoon used by Ben Franklin to advocate union of the colonies

The Enlightenment in America - Sage American History

Digital History - University of Houston

Article: Did the American Revolution Change the Role of Women in American Society?