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VCE History Units 3 & 4: Revolutions: Library Online Resources - French Revolution

A resource guide to support VCE History Units 3 and 4: Revolutions

Artwork - Liberty leading the people

Delacroix, Eugene, 1830. Liberty leading the people (July 28, 1830). Painting, Louvre, Paris. 

Example articles from Library databases

Commire, A 1994. 'Georges-Jacques Danton' in Historic World Leaders, Gale, Gale in Context: World History. 

'French Enlightenment' 2019, Gale in Context Online Collection, Gale, Gale in Context: High School. 

French Revolution 2019, Britannica School

Krawczynski, K 2003. 'French Revolution: Was there a Causal Relationship Between the American and French Revolutions?' in History in Dispute, St James Press, Gale eBooks. 

Latrielle, A 2003. 'Civil Constitution of the Clergy' in New Catholic Encyclopedia 2nd ed, Gale, Gale in Context: World History. 

Lerner, A 2006. 'Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen' in Human and Civil Rights: Essential Primary Sources, Gale, Gale in Context; World History. 

McPhee, P 2006. 'French Revolution' in Europe 1789-1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of Industry and Empire, Gale, Gale eBooks. 

McPhee, P 2006. 'Committee of Public Safety' in Europe 1789-1914: Encyclopedia of the Age of Industry and Empire, Gale, Gale in Context: World History. 

Stearns, P 2001. 'Robespierre, Maximilien François Marie Isidore de (1758–1794)' in Encyclopedia of European Social History, Gale, Gale eBooks. 

Stock, J 2014. 'The French Revolutionin Global Events: Milestone Events Throughout History, Gale. Gale eBooks.

Sutherland, D 2004. 'Estates-General, 1789' in Europe, 1450 to 1789: Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World, Charles Scribner's Sons, Gale in Context: World History. 

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