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VCE History Units 3 & 4: Revolutions: Videos - American Revolution

A resource guide to support VCE History Units 3 and 4: Revolutions


Liberty! The American Revolution - 6 Part PBS Series

Liberty!: The American Revolution. Part 1, The reluctant revolutionaries, online video, August 12 2016. Duration: 52 mins. 

Liberty!: The American Revolution. Part 2, Blows must decide, online video, 12 August 2016. Duration: 52 mins. 

Liberty!: The American Revolution. Part 3, The times that try men's souls, online video, 17 September 2017. Duration: 70 mins. 

Liberty!: The American Revolution. Part 4, Oh, fatal ambition, online video, 21 March 2015. Duration: 70 mins. 

KTCA-TV 1997, Liberty!: The American Revolution. Part 5, The world turned upside down, online video, 12 August 2016. Duration: 48 mins. 

Liberty!: The American Revolution. Part 6, Are we to be a nation?, online video, 9 August 2021. Duration: 55 mins.

The Seven Years War & the Great Awakening

CrashCourse 2013, The Seven Years War and the Great Awakening, CrashCourse US History #5, online video, 28 February. Duration: 11 mins.

The American Revolution - Yale Open University Course

Really a Revolution?

Anatomy of a Revolution

Summarises the 10 conditions as cause for revolution and 10 ways revolutions take shape as discussed in Crane Brinton's book, The anatomy of a revolution (originally published in 1938). . 

Mr Beat 2016, The anatomy of a revolution, online video January 17. Duration: 5 mins.

Gerlach, J 2012, Anatomy of a revolution: this changes everything, online video, 19 February. Duration: 4 mins. 

Schoolhouse Rock - No More Kings

Children's school song about the pilgrims settling in American through to the Boston Tea Party. 

Ahrens, L 1975. Schoolhouse rock: no more kings, online video, 3 November 2009. Duration: 3 mins.

History Brief: The Proclamation of 1763

Reading Through History 2017, History brief: the Proclamation of 1763, online video 25 September. Duration: 5 mins.

The Day Democracy Died song

Founders Sing 2020. The day democracy died, online video, 5 Feb. Duration: 8 mins. 

Parody of Don Maclean's American Pie. 

Top Ten American Revolution YouTube Videos

Parliament Taxes the Colonies

Richey T 2013, Parliament taxes the colonies, online video 30 May. Duration: 19 mins.

Taxes & Smuggling: Prelude to Revolution

CrashCourse 2013, Taxes & smuggling: prelude to revolution, CrashCourse US History #6, online video, 7 March. Duration: 13 mins. 

Lexington and Concord

Historycentral 2013, Lexington and Concord, online video, 11 March. Duration: 4 mins.

History Brief: The Boston Massacre

Reading Through History 2014, History brief: the Boston Massacre, online video, 31 August. Duration: 5 mins.

History Brief: Patriots and Loyalists

Reading Through History 2015, History brief: patriots and loyalists, online video, September 16. Duration: 4 mins.