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VCE Food Studies: Food ethics

Resources to assist students research the Unit 4 written report.

Treatment of Animals - General resources

Treatment of Animals - Live Trade Exports

Live Sheep Exports Exposed (2018, 60 Mintues segment) (20 mins.)

Live Export Cloud: uncertainty clouds otherwise bright outlook for sheep industry (2019, Landline segment) (13 mins.)

Future of Food Special - The Drum (ABC)

The Drum: Food Security, Ethical Eating, and Food and Nutrition (2019, The Drum special episode) (57 mins).

Can we ever really eat ethically? 


Working Conditions - Fair Trade

Fair trade in cocoa from the Ivory Coast. Documentary, 2015 (27 mins.). 

Effects of Food - A Tax on Sugar

Tipping the Scales (2018, Four Corners documentary) (45 mins.). 

Sugar, politics and what's making people fat, and the power of Big Sugar companies. 

Effects of Food - Other Resources