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VCE Food Studies: Different approaches in farming & food production

Resources to assist students research the Unit 4 written report.

General resource for approaches to farming

Regenerative farming case study: The Illawong story

The Illawong case study in less than a minute. 2019.

Further information and the case study report can be downloaded at: 

Low Impact/Regenerative Farming

From the Ground Up - Regenerative Agriculture

Short film, 14 minutes. 

Focuses on how farmers in the dry farming country of South East NSW are bringing new lift to their land. 

The Soil Story – Kiss the Ground

Brief video (4 min.) providing an overview of the connection between climate and soil and how carbon farming/regenerative agriculture can help mitigate the effects of climate change. Website:

Soil Health

Landline - Biodynamic Farming

Landline segment, 2019 (14 mins.). 

Reports on the methods of biodynamic farming in Australia, and its pioneer, Alex Podolinsky. 

Organic and Biodynamic Farming

Genetic Modification and Climate Change

GMO Answers clip, 2017 (2 mins).

GMO Answers website also has further information about the environmental benefits of GMOs