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VCE Food Studies: Global food security

Resources to assist students research the Unit 4 written report.

Global Food Security - General Resources

Community gardens and urban agriculture

Insects as a food source

Insect bites: Australia's emerging insect-farming sector (Landline segment, 2018). (17 mins). 

Foods of tomorrow: Insects and plant protein (Catalyst segment, 2018) (10 mins.). 

Table banking

JoyWo Table Banking explained - Jouful Women Organisation (4 min). 

Lab-grown, cultured or 3D printed meat

Chicken free chicken product

Interview with Sunfed foods creator, Shama Lee, about the meat-free meat products made from plant protein. (5 min)

Vertical farming

Vertical farm systems (Landline segment, 2018) (15 mins). 

Tour inside a vertical farm to see the technology behind, and benefits of, vertical farming. 

Are indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture? TEDTalk by Stuart Oda (10 min).