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Newspapers & statistics: Media issue analysis (VCE)

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Echo Online for VCE media issue analysis

Echo Online


Echo Online is a core resource to support VCE students with media issue analysis tasks. It contains two parts:

  • A searchable news source database of pre-selected, high quality resources (newspaper articles, other documents and video content)
  • A media files database providing a detailed analysis of important contemporary issues

Because the content is curated, you can be assured that it is authentic, reliable and fit for your use. There’s also an emphasis on selecting freely available resources rather than ones behind a paywall.

Read below for tips on using Echo Online.

Echo owl

Echo Online - News sources database

A year must be selected in order to initiate a search in the news source database.

For VCE students there is a special VCE file which ensures that material will fit with VCE date-specific tasks. Otherwise, select the year required.

screenshot of date selection options

Below is a sample result from a search on pill testing.

echo search result for pill testing

The follow the hyperlink iconwill take you to the original article. If it appeared in a traditional newspaper's website, you may not be able to access it for free. If that is the case, please contact Library staff for help in tracking down a print copy or checking whether it is available through the Library's NewsBank subscription. Non-traditional newspapers and other online news sources included in Echo Online are usually able to freely accessed via the links included. 

Echo Online - Media issue analyses

Select a year to browse through the list of media issues analyses

Take note of the corresponding badge to ensure the issue fits with VCE date-specific tasks. Echo VCE year badge

Below is a sample entry for the issue of booing within the AFL. 

Click on the title to access the full analysis which will typically include:

  • an introduction and background outlining what prompted the issue to become such an issue
  • arguments for and against
  • implications of the issue
  • a comprehensive list of reputable web links, documents and video content. 

issue analysis menu items


Remember, if the links don't take you through to the full text (particularly for newspapers), contact the Library to determine options for obtaining a copy.