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Food From Different Cuisines: Videos


Global cuisine: Japanese 2012, VEA, ClickView. Duration: 11mins. 

This documentary style production investigates regional differences within Japan, traditional and modern influences on contemporary cuisine and the way in which food is prepared, served and eaten for everyday meals and special occasions.

Indigenous Australian

MasterChef [Indigenous ingredients challenge] 2019, TEN Digital, 26 June 2019, ClickView. Duration: 47mins. 

Russian and Ukranian

Borsch, vodka and fusion cuisine 2019, SBS VICELAND, 23 March 2019, ClickView. Duration: 26mins. 

Explores Russia and Ukraine's culinary delights, from well known traditional dishes to modern fusion cuisine. Julia tours a market in Kherson, searching for quintessential flavours.


Indian Food Safari 2017, online video, October 3 2017, YouTube. Duration: 25mins


Maeve O'Meara ventures into the colourful and spicy world of Indian food, displaying how to make some fabulous 10-minute dishes as well as the secrets of great curries from the subcontinent.

Street Food

Food Insider 2019, What street food looks like around the world, online video, 8 February 2019, YouTube. Duration: 7mins. 


Travel around the world as we feature some of the most decadent, savoury and eccentric street foods from 15 different countries, from Mexico to China.

Turkish Food

Altan, A 2019, How to make Turkish gozleme, online video, 9 July 2019, YouTube. Duration: 17mins. 

This is a sample of the recipes from Aysenur Altan's Turkish Food Recipes YouTube Channel whioch has hundreds of cooking demonstrations of traditional Turkish recipes.