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Food From Different Cuisines: Library Online Resources

Images by Дарья Яковлева and Couleur from Pixabay 

AtoZ World Culture

Each country entry has a section on food and recipes, with lists of classic dishes (appetizers, soups, salads, mains, sides, desserts and beverages) with easy-to-follow recipes. 

Recipe image

Who eats this dish? Hungarians!

Britannica School

Search Britannica School for detailed country and culture profiles and also for information on ingredients (images, descriptions and cultivation and processing information). 


Paprika ; Paprika drying ; Preparing goulash the traditional way

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Reference eBooks

Gale eBooks provides access to many resources which contain country and culture-specific information for this task. When you search Gale eBooks, you are automatically searching across all of its article and book chapter content.  

You can also search individual publications - examples are listed below. 

See the Gale eBooks guide for detailed information on how to search, print, download, save etc. 

World History

TIP! When you search World History, some of the results will be very in-depth - for country overview and profile information, search on the country of interest and then filter your search results to Reference documents.