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Year 8: World Religions: Islam

Understanding World Religions. What is Islam?

What is Islam? 2003 ClickView video. Duration: 24 min.

Learn about Muhammad, visit a mosque to learn about the five pillars and the prayer ritual of salah and watch a family celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Fitr.

Books from the Library

Below is a selection of books on Islam. Browse the Non Fiction shelves for others at call numbers:

200 -- Religion (including books on world religions, which may have a chapter on Islam)

297 -- Islam

Library eBooks on Islam

Accessing eBooks

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Discovering Sacred Texts. Islam

The British Library 2019. Discovering sacred texts: Islam. Online video, 2 October. Duration: 7 min. 

Explore four of the five pillars of Islam – the Muslim profession of faith (shahada), prayer (salat), charity (zakat), and fasting during Ramadan (sawm) – and how Muslims in Britain follow them today.

Library eResource - Britannica School

From the Web

Collage of Muslim imagery

Muslim imagery

Places of Worship. Inside a Mosque

Inside a Mosque 2019. ClickView video. Duration: 7 min.

Learn how aspects of the mosque represent the core beliefs of Islam and why this is important for people of faith.