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Year 8: World Religions: Christianity

Collage of Christianity images

Places of Worship. Inside a Catholic Church

Inside a Catholic church. 2019. ClickView video. Duration: 7 min. 

Gain insight into Catholic practices and rituals and the role of the physical structure of a church in facilitating worship.

Books from the Library

Below is a selection of introductory books on Christianity - as a Catholic school, our collection on Christian theology is large, so please ask staff for assistance with finding books on specific topics, e.g., women in the bible, the gospels, Christian prayer. 

Library eResource - Britannica School

Library eBooks on Christianity

Accessing eBooks

You may be prompted to log in when you click on a link to these Gale eBooks.

Use the Log in via Microsoft option (using your Loreto email address). 

The Birth of World Religions - Christianity

The birth of Christianity 2023. ClickView video. Duration 2 min. 

Understanding World Religions. What is Christianity?

What is Christianity? 2003. ClickView video. Duration: 20 min. 

Take a look at Christianity, its history, beliefs and practices through family celebrations and interviews with ministers and priests. 

Discovering Sacred Texts. Christianity

The British Library 2019. Discovering sacred texts: Christianity. Online video, 2 October. Duration: 13 min. 

Explore the diverse ways in which five Christian denominations – Coptic Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Church of England, Methodist, and Pentecostal - worship, and the texts that inspire them.