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Year 7 Ancient Rome: Topic Resources

Collage of Ancient Rome buildings

Roman Gladiators

The Infographics Show 2020. What was it actually like to watch Roman gladiators fight at the Coliseum?, online video, 3 March 2020. Duration: 11 mins. 

A gladiatorial arena

Radford, F 2018. From slave to rebel gladiator: the life of Spartacus, online video, 17 December 2018. Duration: 6 mins. 

See U in History 2019. Gladiators: The Arena Warriors, online video, 12 November 2019. Duration: 11 mins. 


Garland, R 2018. A day in the life of a Roman soldier, online video, 29 March 2018. Duration: 5 mins. 

Infographics Show 2019. Most hardcore soldier: Roman Legionnaire, online video, 21 December 2019. Duration: 12 mins. 

Historia Civilis 2016. The Roman Legion, online video, 4 June 2016. Duration: 10 mins. 

Historia Civilis 2015. Roman battle tactics, online video,9 July 2015. Duration: 12 mins. 

Daily Life

Roman times 2010. ClickView video. Duration: 24 mins.

What was it like to be a kid in Roman times? This video looks at housing, family life, names, entertainment, school, food, health and fashion.

Roman clothing

Feminalia worn under a tunica

Girls in Ancient Rome played Knucklebones too! 

Weird History 2019. What was it like to live in Ancient Rome during its Golden Age?, online video, 30 October 2019. Duration: 13 mins. 

Ancient Rome 1998. ClickView video. Duration: 30 min.

By exploring archaeological sites and artefacts, art, architecture and writings, discover how people live, ate, dressed and worked. 


Historyden 2017. Religion in Ancient Rome, online video, 21 July 2017. Duration: 21 min. 


Zero One 2013. A Day in Pompeii animation. Online video, 20 December 2013. Duration: 8 minutes. 

Roman Architecture

National Geographic 2007. Building Rome's Colosseum: Engineering the Impossible, online video, 15 June 2007 Duration: 4 mins.

Aqueduct photo

Roman aqueduct

Women in Ancient Rome

2021. Women of the Ancient World. Rome: Blood and thrones. ClickView. Duration: 8 mins. 

2013. Four sisters in Ancient Rome. ClickView. Duration: 9 min.

Roman Emperors

Tempest, K 2014. The great conspiracy against Julius Caesar, online video, 18 December 2014. Duration: 6 mins. 


The Inforgraphics Show 2019. The horrible life of an average Roman Empire slave, online video, 26 January 2019. Duration: 9 min.