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World War II in the Pacific: Videos

The Bombing of Darwin: An Awkward Truth

The bombing of Darwin: The awkward truth 2012, History Channel, Australia, 19 February 2012, ClickView. Duration: 57mins. 

Incorporating some rarely seen archival footage, evocative re-enactments, eyewitness accounts from survivors and expert commentary, this film reveals the little-known facts about the bombing raids on the 19th February 1942 and the disturbing events that occurred in their aftermath.

Kokoda Front Line!

Parer, D, & Bathurst, P 1942, Kokoda Front Line!, 2017, Documentary Archive, 26 November, YouTube. Duration: 10mins.

This iconic and Academy Award-winning newsreel shot by Damien Parer contains some of the most recognised images of Australian troops in the Second World War.


Fall of Singapore

Department of Veterans' Affairs, 2017 Fall of Singapore Documentary, 27 March 2017, YouTube. Duration: 24mins.

Created to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore, this film includes reflections from eight veterans who served in the Malaya and Singapore. Some were taken prisoner and were allocated to work parties in Japan or on the Burma–Thailand railway; others served aboard naval ships in the region and were fortunate enough to escape capture.

Bombing of Darwin

Bombing of Darwin 2012, ABC News, Sydney, 17 February 2012, YouTube. Duration: 4mins. 

ABC News item commemorating the 70th anniversary of the bombing, with personal interviews. 

Kokoda documentary

Kokoda Part 1 & 2 2010, ABC, 22 September 2014 & 29 April 2010, ClickView. Duration: 2 x 60min. 

A two-part documentary which tells the true story of the brutal World War II military campaign fought between Australia and Japan in the green hell of the mountains of Papua New Guinea.

Hiroshima: The Next Day

Hiroshima: The next day 2011, SBS, 2 December 2011, ClickView. Duration: 50mins. 

Interwoven throughout this program, we listen to stories of the survivors' experiences and also hear from atomic bomb experts, who break down the bomb's devastating effects: radiation, heat, blast and fire. The program also considers the other legacies of Hiroshima.

Japs Raid Port Darwin

Japs raid Port Darwin 1942, British Pathe, 14 April 2014, YouTube. Duration: 2mins. 

Newsreel covering the event. 

Pacific Theatre (World War II: The Australian Experience)

Pacific Theatre, 2018, ClickView Secondary Library. Duration: 16mins. 

This clip examines Japan’s entry to the war and its menacing impact on Australia’s strategic interests, advancing through Malaya, Singapore, Indonesia and New Guinea, where the now legendary story of Kokoda unfolded.

Prisoners of War (World War II: The Australian Experience)

Prisoners of War 2018, ClickView Secondary Library. Duration: 18mins. 

This program explores confronting details about life as an Australian POW, told by Judy Monroe whose father, Ian Barker, was held captive by the Italian army for four years, later writing his memoirs at age 80.

6 August 1945: Hiroshima

6 August 1945: Hiroshima 2017, ABC, 18 September 2019, ClickView. Duration: 28mins. 

This date in history is examined through the prism of memory with archival and present day footage, bold graphics and commentary.