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VCE Global Politics Unit 2: Global Connections: Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Credit: Russia Ukraine Locator image by Dim Grits

Keeping Up to Date with Conflict Developments

Global Responses - Sanctions

Seizing Assets of Russian Oligarchs

The rise and fall of Russian oligarchs. 2022. Youtube video. 12 min. 

TNCs withdraw from Russia

CNN. 2022. McDonald's, Coca-Cola leave Russia in response to invasion. Youtube video. 9 min. 

Profile - Volodymyr Zelensky

Zelenskyy: The Story (SBS, 2022). 55 mins. 

Zelensky: The Man Who Took on Putin (SBS, 2022). 30 mins.

Ukraine's candidacy to join the European Union

Nine News Australia. EU agrees to put Ukraine on path to membership. 2022. Youtube video. 2 min. 

Protection of Ukraine's Displaced Persons

EU announcing the historic agreement immediately activating the temporary protection directive, which was adopted in 2001 but, until now, remained unused. Mar 4, 2022. Youtube video. 4 mins. 

United Nations and the Conflict

CBC News. The impact of Russia's veto power in the UN Security Council. Online video. 8min. 

An explanation of the veto power and the role of the UN in halting Russia's war in Ukraine. Note that the video is prior to the new mandate introduced at the end of April 

War Crimes - The Age Series

The Age wrote an article series, based on victim and witness statements, detailing apparent war crimes committed in the Ukraine, including torture, unlawful killings and abductions. 

Profile - Vladimir Putin

Becoming Putin (Foreign Correspondent, 2022). 32 mins. 

Putin's Road to War (Four Corners, 2022). 46 mins. 

Background to Russia's invasion of the Ukraine

NATO and the Conflict

NATO moves to expand the alliance and boost defenses to counter Russia (PBS) Online video, 30/6/2022. 7min. 

War Crimes - Allegations and Investigations

International Criminal Court (ICC)

Domestic courts in Ukraine

BBC News (19/5/2022). Russian soldier pleads guilty in first war crimes trial of Ukraine conflict. Online video. 3 min.