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VCE Global Politics Unit 2: Global Connections: Responding to COVID-19

Responding to COVID-19 pandemic. Image of a crowd wearing masks.

COVAX and Global Vaccine Equity

Global Cooperation - Open Source Vaccine Research

COVID-19 has highlighted how the world's largest pharmaceutical companies (through patent and intellectual property control), government intervention and the wealth of a country, can impede global public health solutions during pandemics. In response, there is now a push for "open-source" pharma - the patent-free collaboration and sharing of vaccine data, research and development. 

Vaccine Nationalism

Vaccine Nationalism and the EU Vaccine Export Conflict

EU to block vaccine exports amid AstraZeneca delivery spat - DW News (31 Jan, 2021). 

EU stops short of coronavirus export ban - BBC (27 Mar, 2021).

Conflict - the WTO and the TRIPS Agreement Waiver

In early October 2020, India and South Africa made a proposal to the World Trade Organisation to waiver the international intellectual property rights agreement (“TRIPS” agreement) during the pandemic to increase the production of COVID-19 vaccines and related therapeutics/equipment for low-wealth countries. Fast forward more than 18 months, while different versions have been debated, still no agreement has been reached. Major discussions take place again in June 2022.

The COVAX Humanitarian Buffer

COVAX Humanitarian Buffer Explained (1 min.). 

Access Australia Database

This full-text database of Australian newspapers is recommended for researching further information on COVID-19 related issues. It includes The Australian, The Age and Herald Sun newspapers as well many others. 

Please contact the Library for helping researching newspaper articles. The below guide will also be of use.