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LGBTQIA+: For Teachers

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LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Language

The Diversity Council of Australia has a great general primer on why language matters and building inclusion through language, including its Five Steps to Inclusive Language. 

The below guides relate specifically to helping you understand the common concepts and terms for LGBTQ people, and to use and model respectful and inclusive language.

Writing Themselves In 4 national report

Writing Themselves In 4 is the report on findings from the latest (and largest) national survey of health and wellbeing among LGBTQA+ young people (14-21) in Australia. The survey asked LGBTQA+ youth about their experiences with education, homelessness, harassment, assault, mental health, community connections and more. 

The study's Youth Advisory Committee members share reactions to the report. 

Web resources

Child Safe Standard 5

Standard 5. Equity is upheld and diverse needs respected in policy and practice

Of Victoria's Child Safe Standards (July, 2022), Standard 5.3 states that, as a minimum, the organisation must pay "particular attention to the needs of children and young people with disability, children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, those who are unable to live at home and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex children and young people." 

School Programs and Guides

Student Wellbeing Hub Educational Resource - All of Us

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All of Us is a ready-to-use program which aims to build understanding of sexual diversity, intersex and gender diversity. It includes a unit guide, lesson plans, videos and student activities and requires no previous experience in teaching these topics. The unit was created by the Safe Schools Coalition Australia in partnership with Minus18. 

Primarily aimed at supporting the Health and Physical Education curriculum, it can also be used in other curriculum areas or as a whole-of-school approach to inclusion and wellbeing.