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eBooks: Wheelers ePlatform

Photo by Perfecto Capucine on Unsplash

About ePlatform (Wheelers eBooks)

The Loreto Library provides access to over 300 eBooks, mainly fiction, through Wheelers ePlatform. There are two ways to access ePlatform eBooks:

  • The Library catalogue automatically includes eBooks in its search results so you can link through to a specific eBook that way. There are eBook versions of many of the Library's popular print books, so if the book you'd like is out on loan, check whether there's an eBook version. 
  • You can visit the Loreto ePlatform website directly and either search or browse the collection.

The information below will help you locate, borrow and read an ePlatform eBook. 

Finding ePlatform eBooks

  Search eBooksBrowse screen capture

Borrowing an eBook

When you find a book that sparks your interest:

  1. Click Sign In (Single Sign-On should log you in automatically with your Loreto credentials).
  2. To sample the book select Look Inside. If you enjoy reading it –
  3. Click Borrow. No need to worry about forgetting the due date – the book will automatically return after 3 weeks. However, if you do finish it early you can Return the book so it becomes available to others. 

Reading an Ebook

Reading your book on the Loreto ePlatform website

  1. Sign in to the website and select My Loans.
  2. Click Read. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to turn the pages.

When you next sign in, ePlatform will automatically remember which page you were up to.

You can also Bookmark/Favourite the page for offline reading.  


Reading your book via the mobile ePlatform app

Even offline, the ePlatform app is the quickest and easiest way to borrow and read eBooks on almost any device without downloading additional software. 

Click on the above link to download ePlatform for Apple, Android or Windows devices. Once downloaded, search for the Loreto library to begin using the collection. 

The short video below guides you through downloading and using the ePlatform app. 

ePlatform app video


Reading your book via an eReader

If you already have an eReader such as Kobo,Sony or Nook, you can download Adobe Digital Editions to use ePlatform.

"Fire" versions of Kindle can also be used by manually installing an app. 

For more information and step-by-step guides, see Device Help on ePlatform. 

Adjusting reading settings

You can adjust the look of your eBook. With your book open in the browser window, click on the toolbar's Settings cog. You can change:

  • number of columns
  • text size and spacing
  • brightness
  • font
  • background colour

There are also automatic night reading and reading with dyslexia settings. 

Help using ePlatform

For help and further information about using ePlatform, contact Library staff or consult the ePlatform Help site for information, step-by-step guides and FAQs.