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VCE History: 20th Century History Unit 1: 1918-1939: Videos

Images showing the rise of Nazi power

Treaty of Versailles

Treaty of Versailles 1998, History Channel, 25 September 2003, ClickView. Duration: 23 mins. 

Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

Woodrow Wilson's fourteen points 2018, History Channel, 1 February 2018, YouTube. Duration: 5 mins. 

The League of Nations

The League of Nations 2015, Alpha History, 15 January 2015, YouTube. Duration: 4min. 

The League of Nations and World Peace

Hinds, S 2012, GCSE History - The League of Nations and world peace, 13 July 2012, YouTube. Duration: 14 min. 

The Rise of Mussolini in Italy

The rise of Mussolini in Italy 2017, ClickView. Duration: 8 mins. 

Fascism and Mussolini

Khan, S 2013, Fascism and Mussolini, Khan Academy, 29 May 2013, YouTube. Duration: 9 min. 

(Great Depressions) Germany: From Weimar to Hitler

Germany: From Weimar to Hitler  (Great Depressions series) 1992, ClickView. Duration: 55 Mins. 

Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler

BBC 1991, Fatal attraction of Adolf Hitler, ABC, 4 December 1991, ClickView. Duration: 90 mins. 

The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler

LR History TV 2013, The dark charisma of Adolf Hitler, SBS ONE, 5 April 2013, ClickView. Duration: 50 mins. 

This is the first of a three part series which looks at how Hitler was able to form a connection with millions of Germans and generated a level of unparalleled charismatic attraction (other parts able to view via ClickView). 

The Rise of Hitler in Germany

The rise of Hitler in Germany 2017, ClickView. Duration: 8 mins.

How did Hitler Rise to Power?

Gendler, A., & Hazard, A  2016, How did Hitler rise to power?, TED Ed, 18 July 2016, YouTube. Duration: 6 min. 

Hitler's Germany 1933-36

BBC 1977, Hitler's Germany 1933-36, ClickView. Duration: 20 mins. 

Life Under Adolf Hitler - A Totalitarian Regime

Life under Adolf Hitler - A totalitarian regime 1999, ClickView. Duration: 24 mins. 

Life in Nazi Germany - Animated History

Armchair Historian 2018, Life in Nazi Germany - Animated history, 22 September 2018, YouTube. Duration: 9 min. 

The Power of Nazi Propaganda

The power of Nazi propaganda 2010, Reason TV, 3 December 2010, YouTube. Duration: 6 min. 

10 Secrets of the Nazi Propaganda Machine

Top Tenz 2018, 10 secrets of the Nazi propaganda machine, 27 August 2018, YouTube. Duration: 14 mins.