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Loreto Library: Digital Tools


This array of digital tools is provided to support classroom learning, collaboration, research, and project work. If you can't find something here, please contact your friendly Library staff for assistance.  


Wix is an easy to use and customize web building platform. 

Google Translate

Google translate is a go-to for making sense of languages, and learning a little bit more about the world. 


Instructables is a place where you can learn how to build anything!



Prezi is a unique platform for the creation of engaging presentations

Sketch Up

Sketch-up offers an accessible 3-D Design platform to bring your designs and constructions to life

Smarter Every Day

A Youtube channel designed to teach you something new everyday.

Google Keep

Google keep is the complete note taking and organiser package. It also links with your Loreto Google Apps account.


Passionate about something? Share it online with Blogger.


Screencastify allows for high quality screen recording and integration with Google Apps.

Crash Course

Crash Course is great source of video tutorials on a range of topics


Take engaging interactive quizzes, or create your own.